Self work/discipline

1. Work is good

To wake up every day and invest time and energy into your spiritual growth is the most fulfillment I have experinced as a young adult because, I begin to witness that the obly way to get to a better version of myself is to process myself.

2. The process

Is an act of letting go of what is old and making room for new. An effort of getting to a deep core of truth and reality. It is a movement from easy to hard. It’s letting go of what is no longer necessary for my growth.

Ex: I sweep. The more effort I put into my sweeping,  the more dirt is collected. Once I have done my best sweeping, I am now processed. I started out one way, did in action, and finished. The result post action then becomes the starting point for a next action, and another, and another.

3. Self care comes first
Currently,  I am the heaviest I have been in about 5 years. At 170 lbs, I realize that my well being is at risk. I can not afford to behave the way I have been behaving. I have over reached my limits. I needed to stop distracting myself with nonsense and other peoples bussiness and focus on maintaining a healthy balance in my limits. In the past, I waited for a crises to become the catalyst for change. But as I grow older, I am noticing that, the need to change is becoming more subtle. That, I can change my life before the shit hits the fan. That my previous work has acted as a buffer. I didn’t get fat overnight. It was a gradual progressive movement of poor habits. That, if I continue to grow it will be less and less likely that I’ll have a dramatic fall out. That, things become more stable.
4. Keeping up with the times

If we continue to live in the past, we hurt ourselves in many ways. One way is, we harm the process. If we are on a number line and we get to position 5 and stop, time keeps moving forward with or without you. I can’t move forward unless I let go of stage five and move to stage 6. But if I stay stuck at stage 5, even though things are moving forward,  I am destroying my ability to grow to higher levels of spirtual growth.