Capitalism, Celluar Growth and Equality

I believe that there is universal truth. That truth can be recreated and adapted to multiple situations, however the same general truth is maintained. For example,  I believe that there is a parallel truth found in mathematics that can be applied to biology, to ecology,  to astronomy,  to physics, to sociology to your own personal philosophy.  Everything is interconnected and based on a foundation of truth. For example, you have your own personal identity and character. Who you are is brought into every situation. You can be a mother, a nurse,  a student,  and activist and these aren’t mutually exclusive experiences of yourself. Rather, they are like many rooms in the same house.
Similarly,  the sciences are not mutually exclusive but all reflections on the same basic universal truth. These laws of nature, these basic truths, are non negotiating. They can’t be changed.

.The Law of Evolution. The Law of Relationships  The Law of Equilibrium The Law of Change. The Law of Big To Small/ Material/Immaterial Exo/Endo Hyper/Hypo

As I struggle with knowing what/who I am and where I should go in life, I read in Naomi Kieln’s book “Capitalism vs the Climate” and she says, we have two options either grow or die.

I choose to grow. I think human beings have a natural tendency to take the road that doesn’t challenge them. To be passive. To take the easy route because,  taking the route that requires sacrifice,  letting go of the past, and work, is forever frightening.

However,  humans are becoming the strongest biological actors in shifting the Environment. If we do not change, humanity is in for the worst extinction of life that has ever been.

There is a relationship between humanity and the environment. Humans are like children, and the environment is the mother who supports us. If we continue to abuse mom, we will not have a house anymore!

In Biology,  cells exist in their cellular environment. They require food and energy to maintain growth and equilibrium. In order for a cell to dp this, the cell must allow some things to come through the semi permeable membrane and allow some things to not. According to biology,  there are two types of movement or transport that allows cells to do this. There is passive and active transport.

For passive transport to occur,  it requires no energy. It moves to a natural gradient,  from high concentration to low concentration.

When your neighborhood becomes to crowded, you move to the country where there is a small amount of people.

A cell does this naturally. If the amount of concentration outside of the cell is greater than the amount of concentration inside the cell (high external, low external) the cell will allow material (some) to pass into the cell in order to equalize it. The cell needs to maintain homeostasis. It is her only goal. Therefore if the internal environment is suddenly too concentrated,  she will (low external, high internal) release material outside the cell, past the membrane and into the cell environment.

This concentration gradient,  the movement of high concentration into low concentration is a rule for life. Think about when you were younger to now. Gradually, you have evolved to be less energetic than when you started. This is because,  as the environment changes over time, the cell, or you, must also change in order to maintain balance. Evolution.

Thus, the internal environment of the cell is very important. If the internal environment of the cell is too highly concentrated and the external environment is too highly concentrated,  the cell will die.

The cell needs to be at an equal amount of concentration internally and externally to maintain equilibrium,  and she makes changes accordingly whenever that isn’t the case.
If we blow up the cell to represent people, and people represent society,  it can be understood that
1. A society is healthy when it is at equilibrium and equality (socially, politically, fisically) is what we must always strive for if it isn’t the case
2. A society, like the cell, must have q healthy and equal relationship with its environment.
3. Society must constantly move from high to low concentration

Here’s what’s interesting,  Capitalism is a highly energetic social system. It requires a ridiculous amount of fossil fuels to maintain its self.

This happens in cells as well. Whenever a cell requires energy to go against its natural concentration gradient (high to low,  to low to high) it needs energy to do so( ATP). Thus it can be understood, that the Capitalistic system we live in, where profit is made when things that are low in cost get high returns, on a consistent basis is creating an environment that is near death. If a cell continued to bring low to high endo transport,  eventually it would deflate, shrink and die.

Capitalism is no different. If we continue to consume too much of the world’s energy resources and move higher and higher against the concentration gradient we will explode.

We need to shift to a society that is low to little energy in order to survive.