Some people use money to get closer to people, others use people to get money

Human beings are social animals. We depend on one another to survive. We live in social circles. Within our tribes are limits; cultural norms, expectations, that cannot be trespassed against, in order to maintain our membership of the circle. Isolation is the killer of this. Money allows us to choose to be isolated and not depend on the tribe. If you have enough of it,  you don’t need people. But people help generate money, so you indirectly do.

Thus people are really important. Individuals matter because all of them contribute to our country. We all have different functions that help create the whole. It is people who run the world. When we are isolated we die. We need each other. People need people because without the group we are nothing.

People are important. As social animals we can’t afford to be isolated. It is our family, our tribe, our community that sustains us. When we lose who we are we are destined for death.


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