I am a fool

My heart aches, my mind is in sorrow, we are gone.

I feel empty, like a bag, being blown by the wind.

I feel regret, and guilt.

I feel sad, that I could hurt such a beautiful man like you.

I said I would never do it, but I did it, multiple times. Now you are gone, forever.

You were the man I told myself, I wanted to marry. I never felt love for anyone, until I met you. You were the man I was building my future with you in mind. And I let it all go.

I feel like, you are the only one who has ever understood me- who I could be naked around.

You were the only one who accepted me, and now that is gone.

I want you back so badly. The pain of living life without you forever is breaking my soul.

I weep for hurting you

I weep for losing you


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