I am done today

My ex boyfriend, my very first boyfriend taught me that I am deserving of love. I look back and appreciate everything he has done for me. He has encouraged a healthy love for  nature, sarcasm, and animie. When I think about him, I know he loved me unconditionally and I appreciate it, and he gave me no less than I deserved.

It only spoke to his big heart and sensitive nature. I loved who he is, who he remains to be and am lucky to have spent two years with him.

I think this is why it is important to have choice and be independent and take responsibility for yourself. Because when you do things for yourself and it doesn’t work out, you cant blame anyone. It was your choice.

Also, if a person chooses to be with you, its amazing because, you realize they want to be there, they don’t need to be.

And when they choose to not be with you anymore, you must respect their choice. Their choice to be with you or not means they do not want to be. That they don’t need to be without you, but are choosing to be without you. There’s a healthy sense of independence when you dont stay with someone anymore out of choice.

To be honest, I was getting confused and making the relationship harder between us.

That is also alright.  no one is a victim and no one is a bully.

I look back on that man and I appreciate everything. This man really loved me. I loved him.

But I CHOSE not to be with him. I did not want to be with him anymore for my own reasons.

It brings me joy that he is one step closer to the woman he is going to marry. It brings me joy to know he will be happy again with a woman  he deserves and will provide for and she, is a lucky woman.

Similarly,  I will find the person who I am meant to be with and will be with forever.
We will be happy and I will find the best man.

If it was meant to be, it would have been,  but it didn’t work out so why should i be bitter and not move on?

I have a lot of growing up and learning to do. I have to strengthen myself and who I am, and enjoy being single again.

I need to fall back in love with myself.

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